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agree on that. we also agree on the fact that they create an environment that allows the private sector, men and women who start businesses, to actually go out and create the jobs that we all seek. but here's the important point. there is a no difference -- a big difference this time around because what has happened is the awful deep structural recession. we are slowly but surely crawling our way out of a mess that took years to get into, and we certainly are not going to solve in a matter of a couple months. that is why politicians who make promises are so disingenuous. that's why politicians who promise jobs are so dangerous. and that is why politicians who promise jobs should be ignored. in the european union, we have unemployment over 11% and it is rising. that is the true disgrace of politicians and jobs. >> difficulty, though, is when they both -- both sides made the same promises and you get stuck in the pickle you're in. >> i heard you, ali velshi, maybe they can find the moment when you promised this. you promised that if one of those political promises were broken, i think you
security, to get what he wants in the tax environment you were just talking about. yes, he most likely would be. however, ali, bill clinton wanted big things in his second term. george w. bush wanted big things. both were hobbled politically, lewinsky scandal in clinton's case and the iraq war in president bush's case. we don't know yet. we know he'd come toll table looking to go big. what would the congress look like? the president would be thinking big, the question is, can he get big? >> yes, that's a good question. ron is the assistant managing editor for "time" magazine. good friend of our show. what does unemployment look like in 2016 if president obama wins? >> it will be ticking down no matter what. i think if he was able to get through some of the big jobs plans that he's been talking about, an infrastructure bank as you mentioned, really focus on manufacturing, help the resurgence that has been happening, i think we could go down to 6% or maybe lower. it's all about bringing congress together. it's not just about the president as we've seen in the first term. it's going to be
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)